Our Story

Bikini149 |Β Who does not like the beach?
We opened the shop inspired by our trips and love to the ocean and the nature, Our goal is to bring you special and colorful designs of all types of swimwear for every woman in anyΒ size.
Who we are? Our names is Lee and Becky


BeckyΒ > a fashion designer and blogger who supports personal design for every woman andΒ feminism.Β 
LeeΒ > a photographer who travels around the world with our team, gets inspired by tropical places, different photographs and familiarity with new people.
We met in a world trip in Bali Indonesia about five years ago,Β Lee got there after her passion for the photography and the perfect wave, I worked there as a designer of fabrics and styles affected from the east.
We decided to build "Bikini149" together

We exist to outfit women in flattering swimwear that allows them to feel confident and comfortable.
Bikini149 is a swimwear brand that relates to quality, beauty, color and comfort.